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Back by popular demand, the second batch of our new and improved Somatic Trackers will start shipping in June!

Claim your set now before they sell out!



This is a pre-order for the Somatic Pro Full Body Trackers. We plan to deliver our first batch in the beginning of December for anyone who places a reservation. The $10 reservation will go towards the final product purchase price.

The final cost of the Somatic Pro set will be $500.

By placing this order, you are agreeing to the Somatic Tracker Pre-Order Reservation Agreement.

Experience what it is like to have your entire body in VR! The Pro Set is for the full-body tracking enthusiast looking for maximum immersion.

The Somatic Pro set is made up of ten trackers that work together to capture the movement and rotation of your feet, legs, waist, chest, and arms. Powered by a BNO085, Somatic Trackers offer the best IMU-based consumer tracking available on the market. Each Tracker can magnetically attach to the silicon strap to make it easy to jump right into VR!

All reservations during the Pre-Sale period will be fulfilled on a first-come first-serve basis. All reservations are fully refundable.

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How Does it Work?

Somatic Trackers provide simple and effective tracking of your body in VR games and other applications. It makes full-body tracking comfortable and accessible with nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection. With high-quality inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors, each tracker monitors its own rotation in space, and Somatic’s software calculates joint angles and estimate limb positions.

The Pro Set of ten trackers unlocks full body immersion give you real-time tracking of your legs, feet, torso, and arms and is widely supported by VR games and applications such as VRChat, NeosVR and LIV.

Core vs Pro

The underlying motion tracking technology in the Core and Pro versions is exactly the same.

The Core set is for someone dipping their toe into full body tracking while the Pro set is for someone looking for the maximum immersion possible!

  • Core Set

    The Core set comes with five individual trackers that attach to your waist, knee, and ankle to capture the movement of your lower body.

    Learn More 
  • Pro Set

    The Pro set comes with all of the trackers from the Core set PLUS five additional trackers that attach to your elbows, feet, and chest for full body immersion.

Logos of compatible devices and softwares include Meta, Valve, VRChat, SteamVR, Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber, Pimax, and Pico.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Somatic Trackers are broadly supported by popular VR software and hardware, including:

  • PC games and other applications, including VRChat, NeosVR, and Blade & Sorcery
  • VRChat on Quest standalone with or without PC
  • Streaming VR applications with an avatar
  • VTubing
  • SteamVR games
  • Games played using the Shadow platform

What About the Meta Quest?

Support for Full-Body Tracking depends on the game and its developers. Currently, only VRChat and VRWorkout support Full-Body Tracking with Somatic Trackers on Oculus Quest without the need to run the game on a PC.

Native standalone support of this is still in development, but thanks to the recent introduction of OSC Trackers in VRChat, it’s now possible to use the Somatic Trackers fully standalone with VRChat!

Check out the Support Page for more information on how to get this set up.

Features & Specifications

  • Native SteamVR support
  • 100 Hz refresh rate
  • Completely wireless via 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi
  • 10+ hours of playtime with a built-in 1000 mAh battery
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Works with all SteamVR-compatible headsets & Meta Quest 2/3
  • Does not require a PC with Wi-Fi support
  • Vibration haptics integration for deeper full body immersion (coming soon)
Varying sizes of elastic bands to secure EROS Trackers to your limbs. The Large strap intended for chest and waist trackers is 120cm. The Medium strap intended for thigh trackers is 60cm. The Small strap intended for feet, ankle, and arm tracking is 30cm. For motion tracking of your lower limbs, you will need 1 large, 2 medium, and 2 small straps. For true full-body tracking, you will need 2 large, 2 medium, and 6 small straps.

Strap Sizing Guide

The elastic band with silicon backing allows for a secure fit on a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

Each Pro Set will come with:

  • 2 Foot Straps (30cm)
  • 2 Ankle Straps (30cm)
  • 2 Thigh Straps (55cm)
  • 1 Waist Strap (120cm)
  • 1 Chest Strap (120cm)
  • 2 Elbow Straps (30cm)

Additional straps can be purchased at cost at the bottom of the Products Page.

Committed to Open Source and DIY

SomaticTrackers are opensource hardware designs driven by open source software developed by SlimeVR and is released under a permissive MIT License and Apache 2.0 License. As a way of contributing back to the community that has made all of this possible, we plan to release all of our hardware and software designs to empower others to continue branching and refining this core product to create the best full body tracking possible! This open design empowers the VR community to expand on the SlimeVR ecosystem, create new devices, add compatibility with new software, and improve upon all aspects of the project. For our part, we are focused on helping that community expand full body tracking infrastructure by adding support and interoperability for various devices, protocols, and features. We are part of an active DIY community, members of which build their own SlimeVR trackers, help others get into DIY electronics, contribute to our documentation, and develop hardware with different features and at different price points. All of our hardware is hacker friendly, and we encourage you to use it in new ways and adapt it to your needs!